• After my first term on the Board and handling complicated and difficult decisions such as redistricting and the budget, I am prepared and ready to meet the evolving needs of our county.
  • Having supported and led parent's groups at Wilde Lake HS, Harper's Choice MS, and Swansfield ES, I understand the realities of our schools, the issues within our community, and the necessity of addressing these issues from those who witness them first-hand.
  • Relying on research, science, and data will be at the forefront of any decisions that I make about in-person education vs. online instruction during the pandemic.
  • Relying on my experience as the chairperson of HCPSS's Community Advisory Council (CAC) for two years and as vice chairperson for two years, I will ensure that community input is incorporated into all BOE decisions.
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  • Develop a hiring plan to ensure that every school has an instructional team that reflects its diverse student and community population
  • Recruiting at HBCUs for teachers
  • Examining the data and root causes of disproportionate discipline and the achievement gap
  • Advance and promote the enrollment the girls and students of color in STEM fields
  • Advance and promote the enrollment of students of color in accelerated classes like GT and AP
  • Lead the Board of Education in our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work with commitments to funding
  • Ensuring a curriculum that is multicultural, shines a light on the history of racism, and addresses structural racism while promoting anti-racism

Tough Choices

  • To ensure the safety of all students, teachers, and HCPSS staff, myself along with the rest of the Board made the necessary decision to continue online learning into this fall.
  • Assisting over 12,000 students subject to school overcrowding and aiming to make our districts more equitable, I made a tough decision and led the compromise redistricting plan.
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