• Every school’s  instructional team should reflects HCPSS’s diverse student and community population.
  • Efforts must be made to dismantle systemic and intuitional racism.
  • We must be made to develop a positive culture in our schools that works to address bias.
  • The disparate discipline of African American students and students who received special education needs to be eliminated.  
  • We need to promote the equitable enrollment and higher level of engagement among girls in STEM classes.
  • With significant overcrowding in our schools, redistricting will periodically continue. We must approach with consideration to racial and socio-economic concerns as the policy allows.



  • We must fund equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts today and in the future.
  • Programs to reduce the achievement gap, opportunity gap, and technology gap must be funded.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the budget should be aligned with our values around equity, diversity, and inclusion for true accountability and transparency.
  • We need a strategic plan to reduce the school system’s  budget deficit in the health and dental fund.  This can only be done in cooperation with our county funding authorities
  • Our strategy for alleviating the deficit cannot be requiring staff to pay a disproportionate share of their health care costs. 



  • Teachers need to be provided with the professional training to empower them to succeed.  Today, that means providing the necessary support to tailor their teaching in a virtual environment.
  • Teachers need to be treated as partners who want the best for their students and their families.  We see far too much unjust criticism of our educators as families struggle to adjust to virtual learning.
  • We need to actively recruit, retain, and promote educators of color.  
  • We need to provide wrap-around community services, to include mental health services, in our schools so that our teachers can focus on teaching.