Student Data Privacy Concerns

A concerned parent reached out to me with questions about our concerns she had about privacy and student survey—especially when sensitive or private information is involved.  I decided to do some research to make an informed response and found this great article about what we should be asking our school system and why.  It encourages […]

Teacher Recommended

I’m pleased to announce that I have earned the endorsement of the educator’s union, Howard County Education Association, and will be on the apple ballot. My 20 years of education advocacy and involvement were key reasons that I was recognized by our Howard County educators. I look forward to working with our educators and appreciate […]

Q&A Follow-up from HoCo School Interest

The Facebook Group HoCo School Interest had a online forum followed by a q&a.  Here are the answers to the questions that I was not able to get to during the week.  Thanks for reading. Q:  In light of what happened in Glenelg today, how will you work to realign resources to support the work […]

Response to Hatred, Harassment, and Discrimination on display at Glenelg HS

While my heart is breaking for Ellicott City, it still has not recovered from the painful racism, anti-Semitic, bigoted homophobic vandalism at Glenelg High School last week.  We want healing, reconciliation, and social justice.   We may not achieve it – but we are all better for the attempt. When I first read the articles and […]

High schools report cards and class rank to change?

One of the primary responsibilities of the Howard County Board of Education is to review, refine, and approve the policies that govern the operation of the school system. These policies, together with the implementation procedures that detail the specifics on how the Administration will interpret the policies, should represent what we as a community expect in […]